Bells & Whistles includes 3 Minke’s productions


It is frankly satisfactory writing again about beloved projects that came out almost two years ago.

When we were not expecting more attention to these works which have received reviews and tweets in languages from around the world, it is a wonder that even today Paper for Characters, Happy White Year and the booklet of Geomanist continue bringing pleasant joys.

These three projects appear in the book Bells and Whistles dedicated to printing with special effects.

Papers for characters

We had a one on one between design and graphic production with Atipo.

Along with project presentations, there is a guide to print design, including printing methods, paper sizes, special effect checklist and case studies from design and printing professionals.

It presents a picture of how the world of graphic design is enlightened by different special printing effects.

Bells and Whistles shows that good produced idea becomes a timeless work that will have drawn attention much beyond the period of its campaign or launching. Our 3 projects attest to that.