Happy White Year

Our calendar for 2015 is a piece itself made up of other pieces. The case that holds the potential for a whole year is suggestive and maintains clean lines prelude to what kept inside.

Type of project:

Special designs

Design by:Atipo

The first six months are a combination of elements, finishings and selected papers, which are becoming warmer as June approaches with its summer.

The second part of the year continues with warm papers, some with the hue of their textures, ending in December with the whitest white paper you can find.

Project details


  • Ensocoat 2/C 300 g

  • Foil lamination

  • High Build Spot UVI Varnish

  • Die-cutting

  • Handling

January - June

  • Inkjet UVI

  • Letterpress Varnish

  • Letterpress

  • Curious Translucent Clear 240 g granted by Antalis

  • Curious Matter Goya White 380 g granted by Antalis

  • Gmund 925 White Silver 300 g

  • Conqueror Connoisseur Soft White 300 g granted by Antalis

  • Rives Tweed Natural White 350 g granted by Antalis

  • Cranes Crest Pearl White 365 g

  • Etching

  • Hot Stamping

  • Deboss

July - December

  • Offset

  • Letterpress

  • Ever Aomori 300 g

  • Curious Cosmic Mercury Pearl 360 g granted by Antalis

  • Kaschmir White Cloth 400 g

  • Colorplan Vellum White 350 g

  • Olin Smooth Absolute White 300 g granted by Antalis

  • Heaven 42 400 g

  • 3D Varnish

  • Blind deboss and emboss

  • High Build Spot UV Varnish