Industries!! New web section for professionals

Minke’s website was born with the didactic will to bring the world of graphic arts closer to advertising and design professionals. During these years we have received numerous congratulations in this regard, due to its capacity for synthesis, ease of understanding and the wide repertoire of images that support both the explanations and the published projects.

At the same time that the professionals in the sector came to consult technical aspects and seek inspiration, so did people who, without belonging to the communication field, were interested in putting creativity and meaning to their pieces on paper.

As the number of clients from different sectors has been increasing, we decided to create a section that would serve as a bridge between their work environment and the possibilities that the graphic world offers them.

This is how Industries was born, our new section, which houses eight professional categories: Architecture, Fashion, Computer engineering, Legal Services, Hospitality, Design and Communication, Interior Design and Small Business.

Each of the eight sections has a gallery that allows viewing the images according to the type of piece chosen. If the specific search is for cards, notebooks or catalogs, the user will be able to see specific examples of his sector for this type of work.

At the bottom of the page there is also a viewer with outstanding projects whose development and complete gallery can be accessed with a single click.

In addition to these visual references, each industry has precise information on the particularity of each sector and the graphic solutions that respond to its needs.