New! Tokyo, the latest in creative papers

Excellent news in the world of creative papers, how much we needed them…!, to glimpse other winds in the complicated tide in which the Graphic Arts sector moves continuously and its constant death foretold.

It seems that this dead sector is very much alive and that after the accumulated uncertainty, the continuous rises in raw materials and the sad news that devastates our paper hearts, with the announcement of the insolvency proceedings that Arjowiggins is experiencing, from the Veneto region have launched a cooperation with the Japanese manufacturer Tokushu Tokai Paper to launch an ambitious collection: Tokyo.

Tokyo follows in the footsteps of Favini’s firm commitment to occupying a market niche that is in demand but without references: creative papers with a high ecological value beyond mere recycled ones in grayish or sepia tones.

And it is that papers can be made with trendy colors, resounding embossing and captivating touch without neglecting the use of post-consumer recycled waste, its production with green energy and accompanying it with sustainable seals and certifications that guarantee its commitment to the environment.

This family of papers represents the meeting of the best of two cultures. On the one hand the commitment to Japanese perfection and on the other the unmistakable Italian style. Tokyo can be defined as an intensely embossed paper that is dressed in 7 colors with a 120g and 350g body.

The 120 g grammage is embossed on one side, while the 350 g grammage is embossed on both sides.

It is FSC certified and contains 40% post-consumer recycled fibers.

Without a doubt, the most striking aspect of this collection is its embossing with clear reminiscences to cement, stone and even rust with the choice of the rust color.

Thought for quality publishing and luxury packaging, we are convinced that its color palette will stimulate the minds of professionals and designers to find many more applications.