Revolutionizing packaging with Colorflute

G . F Smith has recently introduced Colorflute, a new addition to their paper collection. Rather than defining it as a standalone collection, Colorflute is positioned as a facilitator for the world of packaging.

Colorflute is based on Colorplan, G.F Smith’s most iconic collection. In case you’re not familiar with it, Colorplan offers a range of colored cardstocks, with up to 55 shades available in weights ranging from 100/120g to 700g. It can be customized on one side with a choice of 24 embossings.

Its distinctive feature is its natural, open-pore surface, and its versatility is enhanced by the availability of envelopes in 6 sizes and adhesives in 15 of its 55 colors (more info here).

Now, G.F Smith builds upon this versatile reference to create a solution specifically tailored for packaging projects. Instead of having to separately purchase and laminate the chosen paper and cardboard, Colorflute eliminates the need for separate purchasing and laminating processes.

Configuración de Colorflute

Colorflute offers customizable options in terms of paper color, cardboard tone (brown or white), and the choice of paper on one or both sides. This means that the cardboard can be covered on both sides or only on one side.

Colorflute canto de cartón

It is capable of supporting and protecting products weighing between 8-12 kg, and it is also 100% recyclable.

All are advantages designed to facilitate the production of packagings, increasingly in demand with the rise of online sales.

Rango de colores de Colorflute