Keys to success with coated paper

Coated paper is usually the ugly duckling of graphic production. That noble and nice friend with whom you can always count on but he does not have much sex appeal.

But we know that we can be surprised. The frog may become a prince or, following the first story, the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. But how to do it without a wand or a spell well done in between?

The solution is easier than it seems. It is to take into account its strengths and get the most out with appropriate combinations. Here are some suggestions:

.-Look for a quality coated paper with a good degree of whiteness. Compare several overlapping them and see how what you thought white itself, it is not so much anymore.

.- Its smoothness makes it ideal for printing large masses of color.

.-If your project has images it is essential a high resolution. Dare with details where there is color transitions. The litmus test would be metallic elements, fabrics and wood.

.- Its closed pore makes it ideal to play with embossed varnishes and thermography.

.- Coated paper offers interesting contrasts of texture combined with natural or even creative papers.

.- Its discretion makes it suitable for many types of items distinguished either their design or use. Fits well in any environment.

.-Finally and not least important, a good printing is fundamental.

Heaven 42 coated paper

Apart from these considerations we suggest you take a look at sample projects that has Scheufelen, manufacturer of coated paper, on its website. They will serve you as a reference for yours. You can find brochures, art catalogs, envelopes … pretty impressive.