Papers for characters: Laus of Gold’15

This project plays with the different meanings of "paper" in Spanish and displays it in an unusual context to become it icon. This representation, an accomplice in the eye of the spectator, served to minke to publicize their online tool Paper Gallery.

Type of project:

Special designs

Design by:Atipo

This case is simplicity and magnetism as treasure it holds. Its lines, they underline our logo when it’s opened, the intensity of black with orange and the distinctive touch of Curious Matter paper make the best welcome to the fascination which will be revealed.

The collection consists on 15 films with a minimal manipulation. Anyone could carry out with common office objects (scissors, cutter …). Each is framed by a silver printed sheet of Curious Matter.

Project details


  • Curious Matter Black Truffle 135 g granted by Antalis.

  • Pop’Set Flame Orange 120 g granted by Antalis.

  • Material: Eskaboard 2 mm

  • Foil stamping

  • Die-cutting

  • Line

  • Handling


  • Offset 1/0

  • Curious Matter Black Truffle 380 g

  • Pop Set Black 320 g

  • Heaven 42 400 g

  • Colorplan Stone 135 g

  • Colorplan Bright Red 135 g

  • Gmund 3 Flow Blue 300 g

  • Kaschmir True Red Cloth 400 g

  • Keaykolour Original Biscuit 300 g

  • The Kiss Button Rot 300 g

  • Colorplan China White 135 g

  • Chromolux Metallic Gold 250 g

  • Savanna Limba 300 g

  • Flora Camoscio 240 g

  • Curious Skin Absynthe 270 g

  • Keaykolour Sandy Beige 300 g

  • New Ecology Ultra White 120 g

  • Munken Polar 100 g

  • Tintoretto 300 g

  • Curious Cosmic Blue Planet 360 g

  • Duplex

  • Handling