The untold story of Papers for Characters

The last NitLaus15  gave us 1 gold award for Papers for Characters and 2 bronzes: Happy White Year, our white calendar, and the posters of Papers for Characters. Besides very pleasant sensations these Laus also bring to mind.

Just a little over a year, May, 27th 2014, saw the light Paper for Characters. It was the campaign that made known our online tool Paper Gallery. Its launch was the end of hard job and tenacity. To materialize in a case a way of understanding how to make closer the world of paper and assert its presence and its values in an increasingly digital world.

Following the launch came a national and international recognition ever imagined. Not only specialized media (Wired, Designboom, Fast and Co., Gràffica, Cosas Visuales …) but also the more general echoed. Not to mention thousands of tweets, pins and “I like” in social media and in very different languages.

Besides Atipo and Minke, as actors in this film, before, long before there was a long process to convince and get besides us there were in the printing industry who believed in the tool that gave rise to this story.

Sadly which for a year has earned recognition and admiration was not always well received. The same negative and silences became empty flattery, sponsored by the interest and desire to prominence, when people began to speak of the “so notorious case”.

It is a great honor to have, in each project, Atipo’s talent that understands us and shows in their designs the best of Minke. It is very rewarding to participate in the production of our projects, not all winning customers have the opportunity of being so actively involved.

But above all it is fair to recognize the will of the people who, from the beginning, believed in a fledgling company and its idea of bringing the paper through a computer screen.

Without them, without their words to their superiors and the cession of their material very probably we had fallen into despair and neither tool nor this wonderful campaign would had existed.

Therefore, with the permission of Atipo, a little bit of these awards belong to Angela and Pedro. Or what it is the same Antalis and Ane Store (GF Smith) for helping us achieve our goals.

Thank you Angela for being the first to tell us yes many times, with Papers for Characters, with White Happy Year, when we have a client in trouble …

Thanks Pedro for favoring UK is much closer.