Keaykolour or the color revolution

The well-known Keaykolour range, with papers and cardboard of high rigidity and a natural finish, is updated with a remarkable increase of its chromatic palette and its embossments.

The 48 shades that Keaykolour treasures are born after the joint work between Atelier 3D Couleur, color design studio, and the marketing department of Arjowiggins.

In the research process, thousands of laboratory samples were produced and modified in order to create a harmonic range, with its characteristic texture, whose colors could work by themselves or associated with other tones in pairs or groups.

Especially noteworthy are the new pastel shades, the electric reds and roses, the elegance of the new dark ones and the generous variety in the greens and browns.

Muestrario en página del Keaykolour Sequoia

With a vocation for being a versatile protagonist for premium and packaging projects Keaykolour increases the range of its paper weight, from 90 to 450 g, in a large number of references. All are available, at least, in 120 and 300 g.

Another outstanding aspect of this family of creative papers is its noble behavior on press with different printing techniques and special finishes.

The envelopes, only for some of the references, are DL (11 x 22 cm) and C5 (16.2 x 22.9 cm) both with a straight flap.

Keaykolour gofrados

If in addition to the color you are looking to personalize and make paper even more special and exclusive there are 13 embossed patterns with natural patterns (leather, stone, wood …) and with geometric designs. You can request for any of the references in 300 g with a minimum order of 1 package.

The distribution of this family of papers in Spain and the rest of Europe is in charge of Antalis and in the United States Mohawk.