New! Mirri arrives, the mirror cardboard with the most glamour

The shiny cardboards with mirror effect are a classic that never goes out of style. The most frequent are metallic colors in gold and silver.

Since recently, the national distributor Unión Papelera has expanded the options that have existed up to now by including in its catalog Mirri. Created more than 40 years ago, it is a brand specialized in the production of cardboard and paper with metallic finishes of recognized worldwide prestige.

Ejemplo de publicación con cubierta en Mirri

Mirri has a generous variety of finishes and special colors distributed in different collections. At the moment in the Spanish market we have access to two:

Mirri H: brings together the range of highest quality colors. It contemplates 8 laminated shades on a white card of silky touch in 270 g: silver, gold, blue, emerald green, red, purple, gray and black.

Mirri Metals Brushed: represents the metallic silver and gold with a matte and brushed surface.

Due to its characteristics, it is a suitable paper for overprinting using offset with oxidation inks, uvi offset, screen printing, stamping and emboss.

Packaging con mirri oro y folleto en Mirri morado

The uses or destinations of this paper cover a broad spectrum. It has a lot of acceptance in the retail sector to decorate shop windows. In the packaging world, it is ideal for premium products and brands such as spirit drinks and champagne or perfumery and cosmetics. In the editorial and corporate world, it also has a space when looking for distinctive and very visual elements.

In addition to being widely valued as a tool to communicate quality, innovation and leadership.