Gmund Action: incredibly luminous

The arrival of gentler temperatures and the increased presence of light during the day seems to invite us to talk about luminous papers. For these conditions the collection Gmund Action occupies an excellent position.

Gmund Action stands out for its high weights (300 to 430 g), its vibrant palette of colors and its iridescent and metallic finishes on one side.

Its origin are some colored paper from Gmund Colours collection. Simplifying: their colored cardboard. The process begins with the treatment of one of its sides with special “powders” (no details given) to provoke the reaction of the paper and transform its color by the face on which they were applied. So each side has a different tone. Then passed through rollers to set the texture and get its metallic finish.

This collection of the Bavarian manufacturer has its origins in an earlier one: Reaction. Those with some years in graphic production issues can remember the folder of Sarrió papel in its Red Purple Rain. We wanted to recover it in our paper gallery.

Purple Rain Red.

Both collections are in Gmund’s catalogue but Gmund Reaction is doomed. From its 13 variants Action rescues 5 papers (unfortunately not mentioned Purple Rain Red) and adds 4 extra strong neon colors unknown in the offer of another producers.

Papers from Reaction:

  • Alpine Sparkling Water
  • Crystal Vanilla Sorbet
  • Clear Sky Blue
  • Night Offshore Blue
  • Dark Silver Cloud


  • Nuclear Acid
  • Vibrant Arsenic
  • Pastel Heart Attack
  • Electric Blood
Image where appear all the references.

The intensity of these colors is affected by sunlight, so prolonged exposure is not recommended because it may cause colour fading. Apart from these precautions, Action papers willingly accept different printing techniques and the most frequent special finishings: offset, letterpress, screen printing, stamping, blind embossing …

In the Play Restart where we talked with Atipo attendees took home the sample book of the images.