Different ways to raise your designs

We often get projects where designers seek volume as another ingredient in the realization of their ideas.

To get there we headed for different possibilities depending on design, sensations to communicate, budget and if it requires other printing techniques and / or finishes.

Each project is itself unique, it will have variables and specific requirements with a bespoke solution to think about it. Even so, let’s see what options are on the table:

Laid Paper:
Ideal solution when looking to give to the work a distinctive element that enhancement through sight and touch without protruding too much. It emphasizes the concept of the piece and added values as classicism, modernity or  light hearted according to the motive of the verjura (points, lines, fabric imitation …).

Detail of laid paper Gmund Ever.

This finish is one of the most known and used to give relief. Although the height reached is the same, it will be better appreciated depending on whether it is applied on the paper superface or over a printed motif. An important detail to consider is the mark on the obverse. Sometimes it integrates well with the design, in others it can be hide with another paper.

Blind emboss.

This finish is able to give volume and enhance the color on which it is applied. It leaves no trace behind but requires smooth paper in order to pore doesn´t absorb the thermographic powders. Thus these powders remain on the surface, they can swell and achieve the desired enhancement.


UVI varnish:
Unlike previous proposals UVI Varnish is a solution to highlight from a set of small parts as a big surface. Its play of light and reflections caused gets interesting visual effects that achieves a high degree of distinction.

Detail of UV varnish.

3D varnish:
The 3D varnish or digital varnish, despite being the last to arrive, is getting good positions in front of their peers: thermography and UVI varnish. It gets higher and reproduces fine lines. Just as the thermography and UVI requires smooth papers.

Detail of 3D varnish.

We hope this overview may help you decide in your next projects.