Stamping Foil

Stamping is the ideal finish when you want a perfect white on a dark paper, some intense metallic tones and including if you desire to play with pressure and accentuate the effect of lights and shadows with the resulting trace.

Types of Stamping Foil

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    Hot foil stamping

    Its system is simple, an engraving, with the motif to be stamped, which by pressure and heat makes the film stick to the support with the wanted design. You decide if you want the mark of the pressure to be slightly visible to sight and touch or on the contrary maybe you want it to be appreciated the low relief.

    Keep in mind that due to same system very small letterpress or extra fine outlines may not always be reproduced in the engraving.

    The availability of foils is not as wide as the chromatic variety that you can get with ink, even if you have a good catalogue: colours in gloss and matt, metallics and fluorescents in addition to foils with holographic effects and transparent foils.

  • Estampación con estructura

    Hot foil stamping structured

    Stamping with structure follows the same principles as the conventional. The difference is that the foil has texture, which makes it more resistant to light scratching and dirt.

  • Estampación con relieve o golpe en seco

    Hot foil embossing

    Do you want your stamping in high relief?

    What we can do is combine it with blind embossing.

    If what you want are different heights an engraving with various levels will allow us to do that.