Keys for coming up with wedding invitations (First part)

A wedding is a celebration that increasingly couples want to become an unique event especially memorable. Even the smallest detail is relevant and motivating guests to encourage them to attend and even participate in the preparations via blog, whatsapp groups and lists of music is gaining force.

A key element of this is the invitation. A declaration of intent interpreted at first glance that suggests what will happen and how the appointed day.

Some turn to designers or specialized sites, others face the challenge themselves. In either case, involvement and decision making by stakeholders is essential.

The design of an invitation is often characterized by typographic balance and the paper that frames. But what kind of font to choose. Would it go with a graphic pattern? And what is more complicated what paper will accompany it? Combinations are endless so it is very important to have well clear bases and then everything will be easier.

For this reason we have synthesized 4-point basic information that will serve as a starting point.

If you’re a creative professional ensures that your customers think a little and answer these questions. They will love to talk about it and you begin your work take them into account.

If you are party involved it will help you realize the hotchpotch that you have in your head and reduce anxiety to see how the date is approaching … and you with so much work to do!! Let’s get started!

1.- What story you want to tell?
Every life is unique and the love story between two people who want to join theirs even more. Some couples are defined by their hobbies, others by the personality of its members, some by shared adventures or the people around them. Everyone has a story to tell, a leitmotiv that distinguishes him/her …

2.- Which are the visual clichés of this story?
If you think about it, life is full of icons that connect the fans to a certain lifestyle, music, television series, hobbies …

3.- What color is translated?
Color is life and conveys emotions. The story where guests, costumes and locations provided for representation (geographical location, church, place for photos of the couple, restaurant …) will take part in which tones are materialized.

4.- What feelings / thoughts you want to convey?
Enthusiasm, vitality, romance, serenity, joy, dynamism, amazement, modernity, care …

With the response of these four points we have clarified the desired setting and an essential base in order to create the invitation that best identifies grooms’ desires.

In the second part of this article we will explain practical cases in which these questions were crucial.