BO12: Let’s talk seriously about paper

BO12 is a collection of 12 notebooks dedicated to 12 relevant design figures with 12 different nationalities.

For the first time appaers a piece which invited to reflect in an objective way, based on the experience and the work of significant professionals, on the relevance of the paper as medium and creative instrument.

Beyond the usual slogans and campaigns to sell certain references, it was necessary to raise a serious debate about how paper fits in the new uses and requirements of the current communicative strategies. Facing the role of the paper from the day to day of the designers will help to banish preconceived ideas and false myths.

Through Véronique Vienne’s interviews, a writer and lecturer specializing in graphic design (in the past artistic director of Vogue), realized with renowned designers such as Milton Glaser, Flavia Cocchi, Park Kum-Jun or Elaine Ramos the reader discovers their artistic vision and how to understand creative work with paper in the epicenter of dialogue.

Bo12 citas de los cuadernos

Dedicated to different aspects: posters, book publishing, typography,
advertising … the conversation flows through singular paths. From idealistic positions that place the choice of paper as a preliminary step to the design, according to the character that the client transmits and even qualify as essential the relationship with printers and consultants of creative papers … to more pragmatic positions in which the paper results an effective way of communication for nothing negligible.

Voices of their own that speak from the diversity of their cultures, influences and generational scope to give rise to an enriching mosaic on the graphic drift in the digital era.

BO12 in addition to exclusive editorial content is an object of desire. Each notebook consists of a cover representative of the work of each professional, in some cases created especially for this project.

Portadas cuadernos BO12

It is a desired collector’s item. The nature of its graphic production and the deployment of special papers on which it is based mean that this limited edition, distributed in 43 countries by Antalis, seems to be lacking due to the interest it arouses. Fortunately, those who can not access it have all the content available on