Attention! 400 new fine papers arrive

The world of paper is awakening from the lethargy in which the crisis plunged and more often appear unsuspected partnerships, more affordable references for the Spanish market and what we like most new developments!

In this panorama the distributor Unión Papelera stands out adding to its catalog more than 400 references in fine papers.

At the moment, the company is gradually making its debut with the original catalogs of the two manufacturers / distributors (Gmund and Favini), owners of these additions, while Unión Papelera prepares its new general catalog. Presumably after summer holidays will be over.

Now from the point of view of design and graphic production what really means this arrival, what brings new, what is the most remarkable within that large volume of new papers … Let’s get some answers.

Full color:
With the new additions increases the variety of tones available. In the collections Gmund Colors and Burano of Favini we will also find a strong bet for fresh and luminous colors, shades of gray and blue (two of the most sought after brand colors) so far nonexistent.

Gmund Matt paleta de colores

High weights:
The application of weights from 320/350 g is increasing. In the collections in which these 400 references are distributed, the possibility of these papers with more body is abundant. Specifically in the collections Biancoflash (premium white) and Burano Nero of Favini whose range is from 90 to 700 g.

It is true that the demand for envelopes has declined but when customers look for them, there are no colorful references as a complement to their invitations. Missing out-of-the-box formats and more envelopes with peak flaps.

The reduction of postal shipments has discouraged papermakers in storing and even continue to manufacture the version in envelopes and bags of their fine papers.

Unión has expanded its offer. Fortunately, a very high percentage of these incorporations that we are discussing has its corresponding envelope and even less conventional measures.

All that glitters is not kraft:
The kraft began to be booming there by the beginning of this decade. Its use has become quite standardized and depending on what cases and how it is applied it can result until hindered.

Even so, the tendency to use cartons is still in force, but now with different tonalities: washed browns, greys and even less predictable colors (blue, green …).

Good example of these references is the collection Remake.

Remake papeles tipo cartoncillo con cuero

It reaches up to 520 g, is of pleasant touch (25% of the cellulose needed in its manufacture has been replaced by leather scraps) and has been made with 100% green energy. It has 11 x 22 cm bags to match.

In this type of materials and within the concept Up-cycling* is Crush.

Collection of papers that uses 15% of waste coming from for example coffee, cherries, lavender, almonds … to generate papers in the shades of these products. They are in a wide range of weights from 100 to 350 g. Most of the references have envelopes in 11 x 22 cm (bag format) and 17 x 17 cm.

*Reuse waste or objects to throw and give them a second life to create a material or product of superior quality or value than the original.

Never seen before:
This avalanche of references also brings collections with their own personality. We talked about Dolce Vita and The Tube.

Every time we are asked for more natural papers in which the pore is appreciated, with a good degree of whiteness and pleasant touch but able to carry large masses of color. Dolce Vita is a collection of matte coated papers that comes to save the situation. It looks natural both in sight, by its surface simulating the pore of offset papers, and by its milky touch in line with Rives Sensation Gloss Tactile.

It has weights from 120 to 320 g and has no envelopes.

The Tube is the most surprising collection in the catalog. It has sober and deep colors where the colors Graphite (gray) and Black (black) stand out.

Colección The Tube con tacto aterciopelado

They are papers of pleasant touch without becoming neither Curious Skin nor Plike, they seem less delicate than these and therefore more suffered. In 130 and 340 g has its characteristic finish on both sides and in 120 g for a single.

Also interesting is its range of envelopes, in bag format 11 x 22 cm, in all colors.

Broadly speaking, we can conclude that these incorporations open a fertile path to the imagination and considerably expand the versatility of proposals and the range of options appropriate to the demands of customers.

A great asset to keep in the chamber of fine papers.