12 Keys to get the maximum potential of Gmund Colors

The arrival of a new paper collection is always fantastic news. In this case joy is twofold because Gmund Colors have Spanish distribution.

Having stored paper in Spain and not going directly to the German factory, consultation processes stock and order will be considerably streamlined and, of course, the paper will come sooner.

In addition to the administrative advantages, it is unquestionable the value of the arrival of these papers which come to enrich the range of basic quality available ones in our market. So let’s discover its highlights.


Gmund Colors Matt

What does bring Gmund Colors?

.- 76 New references to carry out your projects.

.- Classified into 4 families:

– Matt (48 color references of natural paper with a special touch).
– Felt (embossed paper).
– Metallic (metallic with iridescence).
– Transparent (tracing paper).

.- The range of colors Matt is very interesting. It increases the spectrum of shades especially in browns and greens.

.- The other families as well as including usual “classical” in each manufacturer are distinguished from the rest with some less common colors: olive green and sky-blue in metallic and in transparent collection vibrant and easy to combine colors.

Gmund metallicsGmund Transparent

.- All papers have envelopes. Detail to consider because colored envelopes consistent with their paper scarce due to lower demand.

.- Most papers have envelopes in the most common formats: DL (11x 22 cm) and C5 (16.2 x 22.9 cm). About 16 include less seen formats: C6: (11.4 x 16.2 cm), B6 (12.5 x 17.6 cm), Special M (9 x 23.5 cm) …

Look good, but how does translate to the work of the professional of design and creativity.


.- A wide range of colors with 4 families of finishes enriches the possibilities of offline projects.

.- Proven quality papers that work great on machine and willingly accept special finishes.

Gmund Felt

.- Promotes the possibility of finding papers that fix on the corporate colors of a brand.

.- Being little-seen materials add a touch of freshness and novelty.

.- It is easier to surprise with a paper well integrated in the communicative value of the project and dispense with other ornaments in design or special finishes.

.- Envelopes for all references is having an ace up your sleeve. It allows a set of unprecedented color combinations and the elegance and the distinction that always brings an envelope to any piece.

These collections are not entirely new. They start from the ancient and extensive Gmund Color System that provides the basis for all papers prepared by the German house. The new subdivision favors consultation. Now the specifications with the availability of weights and envelopes is much more readable and easy to use.

Gmund matt