Salome: containment exercise

Despite the centuries, Salome spreads its magnetism and seduction where she goes. Deadly and whimsical this time displays her charms not covered by seven veils but for typography she inspired.

Type of project:


Design by:Atipo

Salome, the Atipo’s typography, appeared in early summer and it was presented at the world for OFFF 2013. Forceful and bombastic it is very suitable for editorial use.

While the previous approach served us we were discarding finishings for the card.

What remained it was the choice of paper. Despite of splendor, elegance and power of visual imagery there is a murky malaise and discomfort element that we had to get into production.

Came to the rescue the paper that Antalis released by these dates: Curious Matter. One of the particularities of this paper is its touch. It is like a fine sandpaper that despite the harshness and discomfort it invites to be touched repeatedly. Just what we were looking for Salome and her bloody attraction.

Project details


  • Offset 5/0

  • Offset 1/0

  • Curious Matter Goya White 270 g

  • Curious Matter Black Truffle 380 g

  • Duplex