Aixoma: the faces of the world

With the time Axioma & Co. has grown and evolved through the projects. They wanted to show it. So they think to renew its corporate identity.

Type of project:

Business cards

Design by:Axioma

About design the contrast of white and black is central. The photographic work of Massimo Sbreni conveys values ​​of experience and differentiation. The faces of the different profiles of the world is the metaphor that represents the interconnectedness of the digital age, because Axioma&Co´s specialty is social networking.

With regard to the business card´s graphic production, actually “cards” (there were 19 models) it should be framed with the above values.

It was essential that the images keep the wealth of contrasts and they did not lose the details of the skin and tissues. The project was offset printed on natural paper with a slight rough texture. The porosity of this support complicated its development.

On the other side it was convenient to show the solidity of the brand values​​. This was achieved with a triplex which reached 710 g.

To balance the overall weight we opted for a second paper, distinctive for its touch, which referred to the softer side of communication and to forward to the warmth of human relations.

Project details

Business card

  • Offset 4/0

  • Offset 1/0

  • Olin Rough Absolute White 200 g

  • Pop’Set Negro 240 g

  • Rives Sensation Matt Tactile 270 g

  • Triplex