Design and Communication

Any product is an object of design.

Any product is an object of design. Through information, identities, spaces … design, in addition to configuring useful and beautiful graphic elements, interprets the psychological, social and cultural relations established between human beings and the products, environments and communications they use. 

With respect to past times, there is a process of redefining the categories in which design was classified. Today this discipline has a role that goes further in shaping society and the behavior of the public. It influences access to information, creativity, user experience and public satisfaction.

At a time when most companies compete for price and offer products with similar benefits, their design and communication become distinctive factors. The rise of information on the internet and the increase in online supply and sale make these professionals the basic pillars of growth and shaping of any sector.

In these circumstances, good professionals know how to take advantage of the potential of different media to achieve their purpose. In this way, the forces of the online and offline (or analog) world come together to get their message across.

For this reason, it is common for communication creatives and professionals to value physical production approaches in their strategies from the start. They look for the tangible value of the materials and graphic finishes to transmit lasting sensations in the perception of the products.

In most cases they are the link between the printers and the final customer. That is why the range of custom stationery they request is very wide: corporate stationeries, cases, planners, books … For themselves the most demanded element is the business card, wedding invitations for family and friends and gifts for their clients. 

At Minke we advise and work hand in hand with creatives to find solutions tailored to the needs of their clients.