Even though finishes mark the end of the process, do not forget to take them into account from the beginning. Their possibilities and combinations have no limits.

It does not consist of accumulating special finishes, like stamping or emboss, many times that spectacular rubric that distinguishes your creations will come from the precise choice most in line with your design.

Type of Finishing

  • Estampación negro brillo

    Stamping Foil

    the distinctive mark

    Stamping is the ideal finish when you want a perfect white on a dark paper, some intense metallic tones and including if you desire to play with pressure and accentuate the effect of lights and shadows with the resulting trace.

    See types of stamping foil.
  • Detail of folder


    the most corporeal highlighting

    Incorporate depth and volume into your creations with diverse finishes in embossing. Some of them striking and novel in the area of graphics.

    See types of embossing.
  • Finishing cutting


    the audacity of the forms

    For the forms that escape the 90 degree angle of the guillotine we have two types of cutting: conventional and laser. Both allow a complete cut, half cuts, scoring and perforations.

    See types of cutting.
  • Tacos de tarjetas con cantos coloreados Minke

    Edge Finishing

    the seduction of a profile

    The edges of a book, business card or any printed piece also say a lot about it.
    Why limit yourself to the surface when we can play with the thickness, the colours and the variety in materials?

    See types of edge finishing.
  • Acabados Barniz 3D digital Minke


    brightness you can touch

    Varnish is a clear substance that you can use both for protecting your work from light scratching and to foster its visual aspect through its depth and texture.

    See types of varnish.
  • Plastificado mate sobre póster

    Foil Lamination

    temperament to discover

    Foil lamination consists of applying a film to one or both sides of a surface. You will find that it has as many practical as aesthetic advantages: greater strength, resistance to breaking, brightness, soft touch and protection against humidity, grease and scratching.

    See types of foil lamination.