Good morning 2014

On Minke´s first Christmas we wanted to express our appreciation and to leave a good impression to all who make possible this project consolidates.

Type of project:

Special designs

Design by:Atipo (label) and Minke

Suppliers, consultants, developers … accomplices with those among the vicissitudes of daily work we share bits of our life.

Therefore we decided to customize the gift. Each person brings us to a state of mind, an attitude … those who have received the gift are great professionals and for us especially great people who inspire us in many situations and tend a helping hand.

Without being great experts in the field we opted by choosing a number of bottles of wine by its label design. The name, illustration or texts were to be related to each person. To not neglect the quality of the product we rely on the designation of origin. Tastes in minke are from Ribera del Duero, Rioja and some Penedés … so on the wines of these regions we made the selection.


Our claim Good morning paper served as the basis for transmitting with Good morning 2014 all the optimism, enthusiasm and good wishes we want for our accomplices in this new year. We capture that vitality and positive energy due to the intensity of fluor Electric Blood paper.


To explain the process of how and why the wine had come to that person, we hot stamped a letter to thank this time together and it was explained the link between the bottle and the receiver.

As we wanted the production was in line with the warmth of the texts we chose Relex Lotion paper which has a soft and milky touch. To maintain the style we duplexed it with the Gmund Beam Brown paper that simulates in its embossing the stripes of fabrics for suits.



Although it’s easy to find developments bags for bottles, for ours, maintaining the simplicity of its lines, we have given the touch of minke. Our bag has a special seal and reinforcement in the base and it is also made of mineral paper which is water-resistant and ripstop.

Project details


  • Electric Blood 430 g

  • Laser cutting

  • Handling the lace


  • Relex Lotion one sided 300 g

  • Beam Brown 310 g

  • Stamping

  • Duplex


  • Offset 2/1

  • Pantone 7417 U and 7521 U / 432 U

  • Papel piedra mineral Gaiakraft 200 micras

  • Die cutting

  • Handling