Raza Nostra

Business cards with character

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Business cards


Small Business

Design by:Supperstudio

Few people know that the Raza Nostra group, recognized for its gourmet burgers and its chain of restaurants, has its origin in a visionary Asturian butcher who, from his position in a Madrid market, more than 40 years ago, became a benchmark for quality thanks to its wide assortment of exclusive meats and Spanish autochthonous breeds. Without forgetting its range of elaborate meat products.

With this baggage came the identity for his butcher shop in the Chamartín Market. A design, with premium finishes in its approach, to follow the thread of the values that the brand treasures. Noteworthy is the choice of Conqueror Connoisseur paper, a 100% cotton medium, with its characteristic texture and touch, accompanied by a gold stamping. Duplexed to it there is a creative black paper, Pop Set, which has an offset gold pantone printed.

The image gallery does justice to a splendid result that translates the sensations and the brilliant history of this brand through analog elements.

Project details

Business card

  • Offset 1/0 – 0/0

  • Conqueror Connoisseur 300 g
    Pop Set Black 290 g

  • Stamping 1/side