Small Business

Buying at specialty and local shops or small online stores is a decision criterion that directly influences the economic system and contributes to building a more sustainable type of society.

This type of business is usually characterized by the careful catalogue of products that it recommends, the confidence that comes from the knowledge of the subject matter and personalized attention. All this as a way of uniqueness, as a means of loyalty and significance against the giants of each sector.

In the pursuit of purchase satisfaction every detail counts.

The characteristics that define these shops are the warmth, attention to detail, ease and good service disposition.

This sector for both physical and online stores is inclined towards integrated developments and with a very present brand image. There is an increasing awareness of the importance of good corporate development and brand management over time.

For this reason, it is usual that, from the beginning, they assess their needs and jointly plan all their custom stationery to integrate an optimal production approach for any circumstance, even those in the future. In addition to bringing together all the costs that are possible.

Among the most requested custom stationery are business cards, labels, diptychs to write dedications and thanks, special envelopes, packs, small catalogues, stickers …

At Minke we advise and offer solutions tailored to the needs and values that each business wishes to convey.