An elaborate business card for the suggestive world of wine

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Business cards

Bodegas Menade still with a founding date in 2005 belongs to a family saga of wine growers that is in the sixth generation. In 2020 they celebrate two hundred years of tradition linked to what we know today as Appellation of Origin Rueda.

Their way of understanding the link between their wines and the land that propitiates them makes Menade a winery, no longer green but natural.

Chemical treatments have been replaced by other more friendly techniques, such as infusions of plants (nettles, cinnamon …) or whey, which are more respectful of the soil, the vine and the yeasts. Insects and their pollination gardens are effective tools for the prevention of pests. The ecosystem of farms is completed with shrubs and mobile trees in order to improve the biodiversity of the vineyard.

All these practices make their wines broths free of allergens and histamines. So with all these mechanisms it becomes clear that in Menade they go beyond the eco-label.

The philosophy of this winery and the treatment that their lands receive is also reflected in their branding and the materials that make it up.

With regard to the graphic production work of their business cards, creative and natural papers stand out. Its commitment to the use of gold film stamping becomes the vehicular element that unites them to the packaging and labels of the wines. Well, they use this special finish as a symbol of quality and excellence.

Last but not least, the die cut of their corporate zigzag stands out.

Project details

Business card

  • Offset 2/0 (Pantone)

  • Conqueror Connoisseur 160 g
    Gmund Matt 12 300 g

  • Gold Stamping 1/side
    Die cut