For the forms that escape the 90 degree angle of the guillotine we have two types of cutting: conventional and laser. Both allow a complete cut, half cuts, scoring and perforations.

Types of Cutting

  • Troquelado de carta de restaurante

    Die cutting

    A mold with a metal band on a wooden base copies the contour of a figure or motif. By the use of pressure it can both cut it and mark it to facilitate, for instance, its gatefold.

  • Troquelado láser

    Laser cut

    When the design to be cut has lots of detail, the blade cannot reproduce that intricacy. The light of the laser is the answer since it cuts it without difficulty.

    It is also recommended for small runs in which die cutting does not compensate for the cost of cutting.

  • Etching o tallado de papel


    Laser engraving becomes designs into three-dimensional etchings without damaging the reverse side. Laser removes parts of the material in different and calculated depths.