Avanti 21: a premium catalogue

Winning formula: online + offline

Type of project:


Design by:Aurea

Avanti 21 is a Computer Services Engineering dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions to SMEs, large accounts and Public Administration. Its field of work includes cybersecurity, the development of infrastructure and cyber-physical systems among other areas of industry 4.0 (also called the fourth industrial revolution).

A company focused on intangible technological solutions that decided to develop two catalogue models for its corporate presentation on its 23rd anniversary. Not two common catalogues but with a specific production approach that distil good presence and care. Apart from the quality of digital offset printing and the combination of natural and vegetable paper, the logo laser die cutting and Singer sewn binding are distinctive signs.

If it is strange, as well as hopeful, that a company of this type bets so clearly for a more shocking offline campaign, it turns out that the company responsible for editorial design is dedicated to the web world and frontend development:Aurea.

Avanti 21 catalogues show that online and offline can go hand in hand for mutual benefit. You just have to lose your fear of the world of paper and graphic arts. For that we are specialists in the field, to advise and achieve excellent results.

Project details


  • Digital offset 4/4

  • Bristol board 350 g (model 1)
    Offset paper 350 g (model 2)
    Offset paper 170 g
    Translucents 160 g

  • Foil lamination anti-scracht (mod. 1)
    Laser cut

  • Collating
    Singer sewn binding