El nombre de las cosas

What name would receive the business cards of a namer?

Type of project:

Business cards

It was time to dedicate an entry in our projects section to the business cards of the poet who gave us name: Fernando Beltrán with his office El nombre de las cosas and his invaluable right hand Yolanda Martín.

The second time was the charm. In its reprint we assumed that it could not spend much more time without such significant work, professionally and emotionally, taking its place in our shop window to the world (although it sounds pompous, thanks to Mr. Google, our visits also reach beyond the seas).

A job as precise and demanding as naming, along with the subtlety and vital breath that characterize the creations of El nombre de las cosas, required a business card at the height of its escrivivir (word from write + live in Spanish). That is, his way of living through poetry. Poetry that underlies his conversation, in his presentations and of course in his names.

Moving that imprint in print led us to warm papers, artisanal techniques (such as letterpress and embossing), a painstaking silver print and a careful manipulation.

Project details

Business cards

  • Offset silver 1/0
    Letterpress 1/0

  • Conqueror Connoisseur 300 g
    Pop Set Black 240 g

  • Embossing