The reinvention of letterpress in the 21st century is more than a system of printing, it refers to a very particular form of understanding design and its relation to the material that contains it.

Craft is key, attention to detail, the distinction and the three-dimensionality of the mark it leaves.

In this sense ductile supports are sought, in their majority are cottony, so that “the kiss” of the metal be clear on the paper.

It is a process that even though it cannot compete with today’s mass production every day it has more followers.It is based on a system of direct printing in which a surface in ink relief (be it mobile types, plate or polymer) receives pressure to print its motif on the paper. The printing area is limited to 22 x 36 cm and normally 1 or 2 inks are used.

It combines perfectly with finishes such as edge painting and blind emboss, amongst others.