Grupo Nexta

A trade fair is a great opportunity for any company

Type of project:

Special designs

Design by:Incomedia

On a more direct and well-known level, a trade fair allows to show products or services, to find potential customers and enjoy the visit of the usual ones. From a more subtle and unconscious perspective: generate expectations about business model and philosophy. How? Through the design of the stand, the corporate elements and the verbal and non-verbal communication of those responsible for attending visitors.

For all these reasons despite the effort, added to the daily work, which involves preparing a trade fair, it is important not to miss the small details. Everything adds up and it is necessary to make a good impression that remains in the memory once the visitors leave the place and come back to their daily activity.

To this end, Incomedia design studio thought for Grupo Nexta the gift of a small notebook that would work as a versatile tool that was comfortable to carry.

If these ingredients are added a fresh image with a careful graphic production, the result is a small object of desire quite coveted. More taking into account that in recent times the trade fairs are characterized by the general shortage of samples, gifts and bags.

Project details


  • Gmund Matt 32 300 g
    Ivory offset 90 g

  • Stamping

  • Stapling

  • Folding