Graphic design and production are the fresh air that revitalizes a brand

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Design by:Dmentes

It is very gratifying to carry out the consulting and graphic production of a client, supposedly, far from the professional sectors that are most aware of the design and importance of good corporate communication.

Cober is a company dedicated to legal consulting and data protection in the framework of new technologies. It represents the union of professionals specialized in these fields and offers its clients a comprehensive service, based on adaptable software, which guarantees regulatory compliance in Data Protection.

The creative studio Dmentes built a fresh and very dynamic identity for Cober. Rara avis for a service that is usually anchored in a classicism inherited by ancient perceptions of professionalism and seriousness linked to the world of Law and its ramifications.

Their visual statement of principles was based not only on the color palette and typography, but also on the graphic production approach. They opted for the combination of printing techniques and finishes, letterpress and a bold deboss, along with sensory papers, like Conqueror Bamboo, with bright colors like Colorplan New Blue.

To the corporate stationery was added the development of its online presence from its website where an important illustration work is also discovered.

Hopefully more clients like Cober dare to leave the comfort zones, too busy, and allow the creative freedom necessary to bring their identities to life.

Once fear is lost, the results are spectacular.

Project details

Business card

  • Letterpress 1/0 – 0/1

  • Conqueror Bamboo 250 g
    Colorplan New Blue 350 g

  • Duplex


  • Offset 1/0

  • Colorplan New Blue 350 g

  • Deboss 1/side

  • Handling