Facing a project with an international startup client imposes fear.

Type of project:

Business cards


Small Business

Design by:Dmentes Estudio Creativo

The language, the cultural references, the time difference … if you are also not familiar with the world of design and graphic production, the complexity increases.

All this vertigo begins to dissipate if the will to dialogue and understanding begins to flow. So the good harmony favors the progression of the project and this is evident in the final result.

This was the case with the Dmentes creative studio when they received the email from Qualität, a honey distributor in Saudi Arabia, interested in having his corporate identity designed.

The absence of impossible deadlines allowed a thorough investigation and facilitated the thoughtful construction of a branding with the anticipation of further developments in the near future.

From all this came the business cards that we show in this post. A work that evokes the senses of sight and touch with its letterpress print on Keaykolour Chalk, a careful offset print on Keaykolour Capuccino and the gold stamping on both duplexed supports.

It is clear that together, a good design and a careful graphic production, do not understand borders and are appreciated anywhere.

Project details

Business card

  • Letterpress 1/0
    Offset 4/0

  • Keaykolour Chalk 250 g
    Keaykolour Capuccino 300 g

  • Gold stamping 1/0 – 1/0