The dizzying changes that our society is facing pose a challenge for legal thought and updating the branches of law.

In the present technological horizon, many of the traditional legal solutions do not work. Such a situation requires from legal thought the design of new instruments of analysis and conceptual frameworks to adapt to the demands of a changing society.

The model of law firms, business consulting and alternative legal service providers focus on seeking professionals with multidisciplinary training that goes beyond law: critical thinking, innovation, active learning, creativity and self-initiative.

Attitudes are changing, and clients, both large and small, are seeking closer collaboration with their attorneys. An integrated collaboration. This requires multidisciplinary training and social skills where empathy is essential.

In this area where the closeness and proactivity of anticipating or detecting problems quickly and effectively are crucial, all the elements that help create that atmosphere of dialogue and innovation are essential.

For this reason communication and image are inalienable values that are increasingly displayed by attorneys and legal professionals on their websites, corporate stationery and gifts. Design is the backbone that transmits its modus operandi.

On paper, the most innovative attributes for law firms and professionals are elegance, a certain degree of daring to break with a stale classicism and the search for techniques not commonly used.

This sector requires custom stationery for events, meetings and material for frequent use in their offices.

At Minke we advise and offer solutions tailored to the needs of each law office to enhance their brand image and transmit their communication values through paper.