Flores Atemp

A very special paradise in El Puerto de Santa María

Type of project:



Small Business

Design by:@Piluro

Beyond the known world of traditional florists, this space expands into a floral universe tailored to different audiences. Private orders for bouquets, headdresses, crowns and centers; the most elaborate decoration of events and weddings and even the weekly or biweekly collaboration with offices, hotels and restaurants in custom corporate designs.

Apart from these activities, they teach workshops for the curious and amateurs in which you can learn to make flower arrangements in bouquets and baskets.

Anyone interested in this world can delight in the careful work done on their social networks. Their profiles shine for the quality of their images and their varied and educational content.

The dedication in their service and their communication was also valued when dealing with their corporate stationery. Hand in hand with the fireproof and always spirited Pilar Franco Borrell, better known as @piluro, we got down to work with a simple and effective production that played with the texture of the paper and the conciseness of the design. The combination of silkscreen printing with offset did the rest.

Pilar is a creative beast. A wonderfully atypical being who is a pleasure to meet. One of those people who must be followed on Instagram to broaden horizons and have fun. Her dreamlike, whispering and hypnotic images, her hilarious stories with the adventures and misadventures of her random daily life, the quality of her texts not only in her online publications but also in her books …

Thus, with this powerful combination, the Flores Atemp project emerged. Success was guaranteed from the beginning.

Project details

Business card

  • Silkscreen 1/1

  • Colorplan Midgreen Buckram

  • Deboss

Card and Labels

  • Offset 1/0 – 1/1

  • Offset Natural Extra White 300 g

  • Cleft
    Die cut


  • Colorplan Midgreen 135 g