Bon Fromage

Gourmet quality cards

Type of project:

Business cards


Small Business

Design by:Supperstudio

Bon Fromage has been in the Chamartín Market for 50 years. From their stand they transmit the magical diversity of the cheese world. Through an attentive and professional service, they advise on their 130 available references.

The business belongs to the Raza Nostra group, which apart from its gourmet burgers and its chain of restaurants, owns a butcher’s shop in the same market where the group we know today and its different proposals emerged from the hand of an Asturian butcher. The common thread of all of them is quality, therefore their cards are the true reflection of this philosophy.

Previously we dedicated a space to the Raza Nostra’s business card project on our website. On this occasion, its sister brand follows the same guidelines for creative papers and sensory finishes, stamping and duplex, which provide the distinctive touch that the business group has as imprint of its service.

Project details

Business card

  • Offset 1/0 – 0/0

  • Conqueror Connoisseur 300 g
    Gmund Matt 12 300 g

  • Stamping 1/side