The trace of good taste

Type of project:

Business cards

Design by:Clotilda

A new professional career is a path of fluctuating emotions where illusion and uncertainty are exchanging their roles. If the adventure is with your own project, with the helm in your hands, the swing is more intense.

Clotilda is a multidisciplinary creative studio, whose members have a long history, wanting to revolutionize the world of advertising, collaborating as one more extension of the companies they work for. Their areas of expertise are branding, creativity and the digital.

They have an open and collaborative work model, focused on creating responsible and common sense environments. They postulate that functionality and creativity, united, are the necessary basis to create exclusive projects adapted to each client.

For their business cards they thought of the deep blue of the Pop’Set Indigo seasoned with two stampings, in white and copper, on each side. Both sides are duplexed.

Project details

Business card

  • Pop’Set Indigo 240 g

  • Hot stamping 2/0 – 0/2