Quo vadis Cyclus?

The first months of 2019 were somewhat convulsive in the graphic arts sector between rumors and various slanders. Despite what it seems, the world of paper can be very shady.

So between “nuts and bolts”  we suffer with the soul in suspense under the threat of disappearances of references, lack of supply, closure of factories and imminent bankruptcies.

Fortunately, time returned the water to its channel and calm reigned again in our production approaches. Extensive are the paper families so we could already breathe easy without the fright of vested interests.

Among all the confusion generated with its implacable rumorology and the real situation, there was in doubt the continuity of the renowned brand of recycled papers Cyclus both in its Offset and Print version.

Distributed by several national brands, the end of the stock and its closed future meant that the search for alternatives in the recycled market became a matter of extreme survival.

The manufacture of 100% recycled paper is limited, due to its high cost, and its stocks are practically sold beforehand to distributors. The end of Cyclus, both Cyclus Print and Cyclus Offset, put more distributors on the board who needed to fill the void left.

Customers not only demand this type of paper more and more, but a support with so many years behind them has many brands that use it as a header paper. So the problem was assured as the reprint requests arrived.

Salycop tarjetas de visita en papel Cyclus Offset
Business cards on Cyclus Offset

In Minke we anticipated that circumstance and we began to investigate the alternatives offered by the papermakers.

Many of the options found are quality papers that meet both environmental requirements and workshop needs (noble machine behavior, good presence, reasonable drying times …).

Some are gray, others are white with a smoothness that, a priori, does not identify them with the recycled … They also lack the singular character, especially in the case of the Cyclus Offset, which distinguishes them. None resemble the touch, tone or image that this paper treasures.

Over time, many clients have opted for Cyclus in its Offset type due to its wide availability of weights (from 70 to 350 g) and its similarity to the press paper. This makes it an ideal support for catalogs, magazines, environmental reports, promotional publications … This distinctive sign does not have any other market reference. Replacing it also implied a very important visual change in printed projects that need new replicas.

Cyclus Print is the coated branch of this family. Its two faces with matte finish, made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers, have a natural-looking texture, nothing reflective with a very good opacity.

Cyclus Print as well as its sister reference, Cyclus Offset, is an environmentally friendly paper that provides great print quality. Its weights range from 80 to 350 g.

When we had resigned ourselves to the loss of character granted by the Cyclus and having to erase it from the selection of our Paper Gallery, the good news arrived.

The Cyclus family does not disappear, the factory returns to its activity. The distributor Antalis has done with the brand and will sell it exclusively. So we can continue to work without problem with its papers.