Creative papers in Classic Blue, the color of 2020

For more than twenty years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced the development of products and strategic decisions of a wide range of creative sectors such as interior design, fashion and industrial design as well as packaging and graphic design.

Until reaching the final choice there is a process that involves a thorough analysis of trends to detect the common axis translated in color. Among the fields of study are the entertainment industry, art collections, fashion, new artists, popular tourist destinations, new lifestyles, all areas of design and socioeconomic conditions. Influences can also come from new technologies, materials, textures and effects that affect color.

With all the data collected, seasonal trends are forecast and the psychology of the resulting color is assessed.

In 2020 the color of the year is the Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue. It is a blue tone of timeless character that stands out for its elegance. From a more psychological point of view it conveys calm, trust and connection. It has comforting qualities that in a more sociological stage is linked to the human desire to consolidate reliable foundations in your life.

In addition to the virtues described, it provides feelings of tranquility and peace, facilitates concentration and is linked to reflection. It is easy to understand the rise of this kind of honest and protective colors if we take into account the current era in which technology is far ahead of the human capacity to process everything and the unease that causes it to realize.

In the same way that this Classic Blue brings these meanings, we will discover what market papers are in line with this color to incorporate its communicative values into paper projects.

High quality papers and cards:
.- Keaykolour Royal Bluenatural cardboard of high rigidity.
.- Pop Set Indigodeep colored plain paper.
.- Gmund Matt 59cardboard with the quality of the German house.
.- Colorplan Sapphirenatural finish cardboard in a variety of weights.

With metal iridescences:
.- Curious Metallics Electric Bluesmooth surface and metallic luster.
.- Curious Metallics Inkmetallic luster and intense hue.

Creative papers with some particularity:
.- Curious Matter Adiron Bluehighlights its touch as fine sandpaper and the great depth of its color.
.- Curious Skin Indigoit stands out for its smoothness and its soft touch.
.- The Tube Petrolsoft touch finish, intense hue and impeccable matte surface.

.- Gmund Cotton Power Blue.

With textures:
.- Favini Twill Azul Indigoclassic linear embossing.
.- Favini Prisma Azul Indigoclassic felt finish.

Standard Cardboard:
.- Inuro Blue Navy: a very effective basic.

.- Mirri Petrollaminated cardboard with metallic mirror film.

As you can see there is a wide variety of possibilities for any type of project.