Secrets of new G . F Smith’s catalog

The Collection is G . F Smith’s new catalog with all its papers. For creation of this compendium has been invested eighteen months and finally arrives in Spain.

All this time its leaders were thinking how to achieve its main objective: functionality. Thus to facilitate different types of search they created three indexes: by name of collection, by application (sheet of letter, high weights, cottony …) and paper name.

It has also designed to work in complete parallel to Specifically with paragraph “We recommend” where you can search by criteria such as references palettes, uses, weights …

The old catalog was composed of 4 swatches size 11.5 x 8 x 2 cm and 2 booklets: one for papers in the chromatic line of white and black and one for colour papers.

Besides having basic information schemes for each range, it had a pop with thumbnails of each, allowing to compare at a glance and for instance easily to find the desired tone.

The new catalog is 12 x 18.7 x 10.4 cm. The paper sample’s size increases considerably so is easier to appreciate its features. Although spine and paperback milled opening is simple and gluing consistent.

It has disadvantages as its weight of 1.83 kg, it difficults manageability, and the lack of a global perspective of the references (before you got it with the 2 booklets).

The Collection spine

This tool allows you to appreciate much better, in its individuality, each paper. But doesn’t let you compare or focus on several options at once. This fact undermines the desired functionality, as it is very common, working with this kind of papers, to have on the table different candidates for a project.

If someone from G . F Smith read these lines he would take us to their site, but the display is not defining and their classification for colours “bright whites, off whites, pastel colors, light colors …” is very subjective.

As far as collections Nomad recycled papers are expanding their range. New boards incorporated between 315-365 g, with very little stiffness and smooth or rough surface in gray and brown colours of varying intensity.


The Softy range, textiles papers with a surface Kaschmir type, adds the black (120 and 300 g).

From American brand Mohawk added a collection: Mohawk everyday an ultra-smooth digital printing paper manufactured with wind power. From Scheufelen introduced Heaven 42 and Phoenixmotion but only distributed in the UK (in Spain Torraspapel has Heaven 42).

Also Moondream is appearing with exclusive UK distribution. A paper suitable for letterpress and dry emboss due its ductile surface with a 400 g very interesting. In Spain Inapa distributes it with a newly expanded catalog of Cordenons brand. Unfortunately only in high consumption. They don’t have it in stock and orders must be from 20.5 reams.


In the same vein is Wild. A paper containing cotton and available in white and colours (brown, dark red, green …). Rare in this type of references that are usually limited to the white variety. Althoug it also belongs to Cordenons, no distribution restrictions.

Takeo, the Asian exclusive manufacturer and distributor, has a strong start with 6 collections in G . F Smith’s offer: Takeo Pachica, Takeo Tamashiki Arare, Takeo Tant Select TS-1, Takeo Tassel GA, Takeo Tela y Takeo Youmoushi. Anchored in the Japanese art of paper making, each has its particular features of genuine distinction and quality.


The Collection* has just landed but first impressions are good, we’ll see how they behave with machines. We hope that these lines will be useful for your future projects.

* This catalog is available via manufacturer at a cost of € 40 including transport from UK.