Pipa & Co.

Design sits at the table

Type of project:

Special designs

Design by:Wonderbrand Studio

The rise of the world of catering and the incessant opening of innovative and eclectic culinary proposals has carried interior design projects and corporate design of haute cuisine. Creative exercises that seek to recreate a gastronomic experience in which the setting nourishes the senses.

Within this scenario, one of the axes that is becoming increasingly important is the restaurant menu. Due to the context and frequent use, the letter restaurants are pieces whose deterioration manifests itself in the medium term. No matter the category of the restaurant and its number of holders, its finitude is a maxim that designers have to face when they think its conceptualization. In addition to the desire to captivate the gaze, there is a need for resistance and the ease of handling the inner leaves when seasonal dishes are modified.

When proposing the solution for the Pipa & Co. restaurant menu, Wonderbrand studio had to put on the table the aforementioned vicissitudes. Instead of the typical diptych menu, they thought of a wide support, lined in fabric with hot stamping, that would support the offer of dishes in a single open sheet that can be easily replaced.

Project details

Letter restaurant

  • Digital offset 4/0 (menu)

  • Conqueror Bamboo 250 g

  • Hot stamping 1/side

  • Cardboard lined with fabric with corner pieces