Hospitality Industry

The world of hotels and restaurants harvests culture and makes us a little happier.

We associate our time of enjoyment and expansion with their activity. They are the framework in which a good part of our memories with loved ones, trips and celebrations are developed.

Closeness and avant-garde are combined in this sector as fundamental axes of its evolution. Added to this are rising values that must be cultivated, such as achieving the trust of the customer, who is increasingly more demanding with the brands consumed and the origin and social responsibility of the products and services offered. The permeability to gastronomic and cultural influences from other latitudes with its novel flavors and its own decoration or showcooking. Nutritional research and its relevance to consumer welfare, translated into healthy options on offer. And to all this we must add the expectations that the information society generates in an increasingly better informed and more critical customer.

These circumstances imply greater care and stricter control to achieve a satisfactory experience. The details and quality together with a warm closeness are non-negotiable to make a great impression.

The most common attributes for restaurants and hotels, in the development of corporate stationery and custom stationery, are adaptability without giving up the common denominator of the distinction in any of its elements.

This sector requires durable elements that withstand the different treatment that customers give them.

That is why it is common for them to have identities with a strong sense of creativity along with resistant materials. Business cards with special heavyweight papers, elegant welcome books and letters bound with special materials, labels, notepads, coasters …

At Minke we advise and offer solutions tailored to the needs of each restaurant and hotel.