Victoria and Lucas: a dreamy invitation

We present you an unusual wedding invitation

Type of project:

Wedding invitations

Design by:Alejandro Castro

A good part of the projects published on our website are characterized by the sum of design and a graphic production in line with quality and the communicative values that it seeks to transmit.

The phrase “Less is more” is materialized in most of the work done that we proudly show in our online showcase.

Nevertheless, suddenly there are projects that caught the attention in a special way. The formula is not clear, it is an intangible that we suspect has as its ingredients balance, good taste and fidelity to its essence. There is nothing less.

Within this group of “elected” is the wedding invitation of Victoria and Lucas designed by Alejandro Castro.

Among its graphic production features, the brilliant white color of the paper stands out, which accentuates the play of light and shadow of the two embosses which embellish each face; offset printing with its Pantone and the duplexing that allows two reliefs to be available without the trace being appreciated.

As a grand finale its format far from the usual measures also plays in favor.

Project details

Wedding invitations

  • Offset 1/0 (Pantone)

  • Creative paper brilliant white 320 g

  • Emboss 2/sides