Abel Martínez

Abel Martínez was one of the first to bet on Minke’s work before even it existed and materialize with a branding and a name. If you tell me, just leave everything ... wrote in an email to us to take charge of the production of his cards. How to refuse such words ... So we set to work.

Type of project:

Business cards

Design by:Abel Martínez

Before starting the approach he sent us many images of reference. He wanted some volume and shine with natural papers but … First difficulty, due to its porosity absorb the varnish and the volume is mere anecdote.

He sent more examples but we had to be careful with the budget and really the simplicity of his design not invited to a great show but to think hard about what was the most convenient.

After many emails and to evaluate the possibilities aesthetically we opted for thermography. So it gives volume to its flagship anagram combined with offset printing on a cottony paper to serve as a tactile contrast.

The work not only had to look good for being his personal business card but because its coming out would be in an event with other designers, many of them friends, who were going to look at it harder. A litmus test that Abel went through without problems.

Project details

Business card

  • Thermography 1/0

  • Offset 1/0

  • Conqueror Connoisseur 300 g

  • Pop Set Negro 240 g

  • Duplex