Absolut Vodka

Limited edition

Type of project:


Design by:Me

Me is a multi-disciplinary studio based in London and Barcelona.

Its commission was the production of a catalogue of furniture for the famous brand Absolut Vodka. The piece needed to get impact and presence for a very limited edition.

We were evaluating many approaches with various finishings. Paper was also a crucial piece, we had to find the right gray tone and a powerful whiteness in the interior pages.

The high fidelity in the reproduction of the images was also a requirement to take into account. We opted for a quality digital printing that would meet expectations. The silver stamping of the cover gave that touch of elegant and sober luster sought by the designers.

Finally bookbinding had to serve as a rubric to the well care design and the meticulous production. For this case nothing better than Singer sewing.

The images show the good result achieved after so much research.

Project details


  • Digital printing 4/4

  • Colorplan Smoke 270 g
    Olin Smooth Absolute White 150 g

  • Hot stamping

  • Singer sewing