Binding in any of its variants, editorial or craft, is more than a discipline focused on lining and embellishing. It is the art that allowed the preservation of knowledge for centuries as we discovered in the ancestral Japanese bookbinding. The fascination that it awakens today has generated new types, like criss cross bookbinding or long stitch.

Type of Bookbinding

  • Encuadernación rústica o tapa blanda Minke

    Editorial Bookbinding

    the art of dressing a project

    Avantgarde, classic, natural … Bookbinding today according to the materials used and the different available techniques opens a wide range of options for professionals to choose according to visual attributes, durability and the costs of the pieces.

    See types of editorial bookbinding.
  • Notebooks style moleskine

    Artisan Bookbinding

    the art of catching people’s eyes

    Ideal for exquisite tastes, artisan bookbinding is the major example of the individualization and exclusivity of a project. Its own nature and process of elaboration recommend it for limited editions.

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