Azul Recreo

Elisa and Mateo, the components of Azul Recreo, came to Minke to give life to their business cards.

Type of project:

Business cards

Design by:Azul Recreo

Developing the business cards of a graphic design studio turns out to be a job in which you have to be very careful. It is its report card to the world. It’s very important that it contains the distinctive value and the aesthetic principles of the studio.

Azul recreo is a studio located in Madrid. Through illustration they connect people with their children’s side, simplify complex ideas and create visual languages along with brands. All this with empathy and optimism worthy of admiration.

They are professionals who leave a mark with their work and their personality, so the natural papers were from the beginning their option. Reliable reproduction of corporate blue through offset printing and deboss came later.

Project details

Business cards

  • Offset 1/0 – 0/1

  • Inaset 190 g

  • Deboss