Gmund Urban

Gmund launches Urban a “new” collection of papers whose storyline is contemporary architecture.

Its textures emulate the cement and wood in shades of gray and black with sand tones. The various references appear in a single weight ranging from 240 to 310 g.

Considering launches of other collections, as is usual in the German house, staging of the event was careful and it conserved the architectural and urbanite themes.

Similarly the first images of its packging, presumably debut at Luxe Pack Monaco (from 27 to 29 October), seem to envision a piece to combine perfectly design and print finishings.



The most seasoned readers will have noticed the quotation marks in “new”. Just to be fair with the history of this manufacturer, which can boast to have a vast collection with the most daring and innovative references (papers with traces of silver, Kaschmir touch, robust which repels water and grease, most striking fluorine, most exclusive embossed …) “new” is not the most appropriate adjective to define it.

In this collection have been used textures from various existing collections. The most recognizable Savanna.

Savanna's papers.
Savanna’s papers.

Each of them belongs to a previous group with its own history, its storyline that gave it consistency. Now it misplaces, it is a makeover with new colors and puts together with other textures which suffered the same process.

Gmund Urban Sheet-samples.
Gmund Urban Sheet-samples.

For some time we were waiting for a new launch, they had communicate, until what it can be communicated, they were working hard on a new collection. So, with the great preceding papers our expectations were highest.

Unfortunately Urban does not meet expectations. It is a hybrid with good intentions that lacks the visual potential and the impact of the novelty of previous launches. The sum of the different embossings is quite dissonant although Gmund wants to refer to the architectural world. Especially repeating one of its most recognized flagship paper in the industry.