Attention! 3 new grays in the Conqueror paper family

If there is any certainty about the world of creative papers, it is that there are never enough grays in the catalogs of the manufacturers.

For reasons still unknown, close to paranormal, it happens very often, even though we look for it in Minke, that just the tone desired to gain shape a branding, a cover or a card does not fit with the ranges available from distributors.

To remedy this type of crossroads Antalis presents three new shades of gray that increase the color palette of the Conqueror collection manufactured by Arjowiggins.

Feather, Pencil y Cartridge nuevos papeles de Conqueror

.- Feather: soft and warm gray that combined with the range of white brings light lilac nuances.

.-Pencil: medium elegant and clear gray.

.-Cartridge: a strong gray, more intense, which maintains the balance of color without deviating to a warm, reddish tone or to a cold one.

The three colors are presented with two types of texture: Wove and Laid.

Feather and Pencil weights are 120, 220 and 300 g.They also have envelopes in 11 x 22 cm format also in their two textures.

Cartridge is only available in 300 g in both wove and laid.

With these additions the Conqueror collection has 5 shades of gray. If we also take into account the collections of Arjowiggins Pop Set, with 4 tones, and Keaykolour, with a very dark gray, we have a total of 10 types of gray that will surely facilitate a lot our production approaches.