A luxury, Minke at Graphic Exchange

Sometimes when you don´t expect it, unpredictable surprises come and they make you collect new strength.

This Saturday happened. At night reviewing mechanically Twitter a tweet from Mr. Cup came to wake us up. It was Minke´s identity, with big photos, at Graphic Exchange.

The fact that our corporate image and its development had space in different media, it is something that makes us feel really well and we thank very warmly. If it´s on a header blog, which we´ve followed for years by the quality of their designs and graphic productions chosen, then it tastes as recognition.

Minke thanks to Atipo at Graphic Exchange.
Minke thanks to Atipo at Graphic Exchange.

Above all the appearance of our stationery is a new tribute to the great work of Atipo. Raúl and Ismael had to cope with a difficult commission, to got out of territories already explored and to gain identity to each created piece without losing the unity of the whole.

With great generosity (and patience) they followed up our suggestions and production approaches. This gave rise to a renewed corporate image without losing the essence and the values ​​of this brand.

The international impact of Graphic Exchange and the huge amount of projects seeking to draw its attention make even more special that Minke is there. Just browsing its pages to realize that a high quality criteria guide the selection of projects. Therefore it is a luxury to share the stage with such lofty projects and developments.

With these attentions, the effort and dedication of the people involved are amply rewarded. Thank you very much Mr. Fabien Barral or Mr. Cup to make us a little space in his paradise.