The strenght of orange

Here there are two cards from the agency La Merienda with one thing in common: the orange and its visual strength.

Type of project:

Business cards

Design by:La Merienda and takeAway

For Los Investegas the approach to graphic production La Merienda asked us to trust company´s values, originality, confidence and expertise. They should be transmitted along with a vintage touch as Mad Men.

We opted for a development that initialed these concepts in a simple and suggestive way through paper and offset printing.

In the case of takeAway we were shuffling different approaches but in the end, the protagonist was orange. Whenever possible we prefer a color holder than to print it. It is very subjective but the strength of paper´s tone with silver ink reaches a visual power that it would have been different with printed background.

The strength that gives the duplex is the highlight of this forcefulness.

Project details

La Merienda: business card for El Departamento

  • Offset 2/1

  • Conqueror Wove Cream 300 g

  • Acrylic barnish 1/C

takeAway: own business cards

  • Offset 3/0

  • Offset 1/0

  • Bristol Ready Gris 240 g

  • Pop Set Orange Flame 240 g

  • Duplex